Sunday, March 27, 2011

Breastfeeding and its associated ...

Baby Hanan cheeks..with applied "Bedak Amoi/Nyonya" Alhamdulillah setelah 3 weeks plus...breastfeeding has gradually becoming a rewarding experience for me..I know for some mothers breastfeeding is just easy (no big deal) but it is a big & serious issue for me especially am borned with flat & inverted cubaan kali ketiga (3rd baby) in my attempt to breastfeed exclusively as the previous 2 baby was filled with devastating & dissapointing (nipple confused, sore nipples bla..bla..)experience..yelah you want to give the best for your baby & you milk is the best food the the lil ones.... It's amazing as initially you thought that everything will takes place naturally..but for me breastfeeding requires lots of work, persistence, determination and most importantly knowledge..puas surfing all kind of infos in the internet including videos in You tube to make sure that latching is okay, what kind of foods to eat, positioning etc..etc..nak harap your partner well..he is supporting in ways that he knows..not that am saying he's not there..but it is actually more of the mutual effort between the mom & baby of course with dad's understanding and tender care in providing the good food so that mommy can produce enough supply.. Now baby Hanan is 5 weeks and happily growing..he is now 4.6kg and gradually gaining..however ader lah a few asssociated problems..the fist few weeks am suffering with sore & cracked nipples..fever because of engorged breast..and now after a month..his cheek is now infected by this rashes..some says it because of the breastmilk (ruam susu) and some says it is because of the heat..takpelah slowly we take it one step at a time..but deep down inside am truly proud of myself..I've achieve my goal in breastfeeding my own baby..thanks to huby & mom yang truly there helping around so that I can achieve this goal..insyaAllah semoga dipermudahkanNya..

Haikal & Ming Ming

Haikal and his obsession since he was 1 yr old..dia mmg kawan baik dgn teddy named "Ming Ming"..this is his true sleeping buddy.. & mommy kdg2 guna this teddy to wake him up in the morning for kindy school..kalu tidak stress sbb member ni takleh here showing dia sdg menggomol teddy kesayangannya ..haha..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Dear Baby Hanan is already 1 month old..wink..wink..

Just a few seconds after born..
Our dear baby is already 1 months old..sajer nak tepek gambar2 dia untuk kenangan...

A few weeks old..

Ni dah sebulan dah..

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tooth Fairy Jaja has lost her 1st tooth..

Dah semakin besar anak daraku sorang ni..last Mon..sedang Jaja gosok gigi..she realized that her front tooth yg bergoyang telah funny tgk budak ni was so excited to see her 1st tooth yang tanggal to give way to her permanent teeth..
I found her tooth later inside the sink basin and quickly washed & wrapped it with tissue..peh tu pass kat nenek dia utk di campak ke atas bumbung..(saja jer petua org tua2)...semoga she can take care of her teeth and have a bright smile in the future..

40+4..7th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Selamat datang permata hati..anak kami yg ketiga..selamat dilahirkan tanggal 21hb Feb (18 rabiulawwal) jam 5.00pm..
Inilah pengalaman melahirkan anak yang serius tak pakai painkiller or instrument aid..he was comfortably staying in my womb sampai 40 weeks + 4 days..tak moh keluar..maybe selesa betul we have decided in consultation with the O&G to induce the labor on this celebrated day...
I was admitted into the ward around 10.00am..then started to feel labor pain from 12.30 noon onwards..contraction starts from intervals of 20, then 10 then 5 and eventually every 3/2 min..sakitnya Allah saja yg tahu..but am very lucky to have hubby and mom beside me all the way through the birthing process..
This birth kali ini tak pakai any painkiller or birth instrument aid as opposed to my previous 2 labors..but based on this experience,I felt my body can heal faster and I can quickly come to my senses berbanding masa epidural during the 1st labor with Jaja..Alhamdulillah..praise to Allah kerana semuanya selamat...
Now, challenge berikutnya ialah untuk melalui saat berpantang and most importantly to establish breastfeeding..wish me luck! Semoga Allah memudahkan urusanku...
So, to my dear babies..inilah pengorbanan setiap ibu yang melahir dan mendidik amanah Allah..ingatlah ye dan semiga jadi orang yang berjaya di dunia & akhirat!!